Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last day of school

On thursday it was the last day of school.It was a half day so we went home at 12 :30.
We  watched toy story 3.There was hreadley anyone there It was so wried.
I had a great year with my class and i'm so sad that it is all over.
Mrs K was a really great teacher.All of the teachers werehaving a staff metting
so Miss weste was making sure we did n't do enything crazy.
then we had to go home at 12:30 .

The end

By Ciara

Monday, November 29, 2010


CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS fa lalala christmas!

christmas is the best time of the year Paige

Monday, November 22, 2010


On Monday Room 4 growed some Alfalfa. Over the weekend Mrs K left the Alfalfa at school on a bench and  when we got to school she showed it to us!
At the top it was green but underneith it was white and growing



Sunday, November 21, 2010


On Friday we weighed our Afalfa.
It was an competion.
Frist we weighed Jakes group, it weighed 92 grams
Then we weighed Zacks Group which was 111 grams
Next up was Josh's group they weighed 101 grams
Jessica's group weighed 107 grams
After that we weighed Jacks group it was 97 grams
The winning group was Bryas it weighed 133 grams

By Zara and Sam

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

fun cricket day

on wednesday it was fun cricket day it was year 3 and 4 cricket we all got lined up in our car groups then wewent to the eager center to play cricket it was really fun i went with  zachs antie jade.

write more  later

cricket day

On wensday year 3 and 4 went on a cricket day my groups name was stmarys stars
i went in finns car to get there.there was  1 round then we had morrning tea
then ather we had something to eat we had a anthoer 2 rounds . it was really fun because
i' ve never played it before at the end of the day we had prize giving then we went back to school.

By ciara

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Museum sleepover

I'm so excited to go to the Museum for a sleepover to do lot's of things there!

Monday, November 8, 2010


school is very fun and confusing becuse there are lots and lots of  teacher about.room4 school is fun we have wiki and the blog . I iove school

by Brya

Sunday, November 7, 2010


for the relays there was 2 teams an a team and a b team i was in the b tean with zara,josh and billy
joshwas 1 i was 2 billy was3 and zara is 4.We came second in the relays my team though we have
to do another race but there was to little teams so we coulden't.My mam said i was like a bullit.
I was running for my life.
by ciara

Saturday, November 6, 2010

sport day

Thursday all of st marys did sports day I did not don it because I pulled a musill so I did not get to do any think.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


On Friday it was athletics.The year 8 boys first went to the long jump. We got there jumps. I first went to the 2 row  on my next jump  I went into the three row and on my third I went back to the threes. I got 2nd place in the long jump. We next went to the 60 metre sprint. I came 2 in the first round. on the second round I came first and went into the finals. I came 4th on that sprint. Then we went to the Discus.When we got there on my first went very far and I went into the first place. Then I went down to 2nd place then 3rd then the 2 row. I had another turn and went to 1st place and got bet by a Tairei Beach Student.Then we went to the high jump. I only jumped the first one. Then I went to lunch. After lunch we went to shotput.When I chucked it; it went passed the one mark. then it was the relays I was the first person to run our team came 2nd.Then they announce who won the Dylan Cup. Lee Stream won the cup.
By Sam


It was so cool on sports day at athletics.

Running a round NO STUFFY CLASSROOMS! and plenty to enjoy!

First of all there was the long distance running

Then it was off to our first things and then the second...

It was all fun fun fun

THen at the end it was relays! 

St Marys Teams in year four and three cames 2nd and 3rd

BY Zara

Guay Fawkes Acrostic Poem

Guy Fawkes is gleaming in New Zealand
Up high in the sky
Noisy booming around the neighbour hood
Parliament tryed to get blown up
Outstanding fireworks booming in the sky
Wow what a amazing sight
Dark now it is lit up
Exploding gunpowder booming
Roaring and boomingin the neighbour hood
By Sam

Guy Fawkes Ideas

The police should give out tickets for being silly with fireworks and should be fined.
Put pets far away from the fireworks.
The people Selling them should be asked for there ID.
I think fireworks shouldn't be band beacause the people are being silly and  ruin it.
I think you should be about ten meters away from the fireworks and have a bucket of water nearby.
Do NOT have beer before lighting the fireworks.
By Sam and Thomas

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dance Exam

 I passed my dance exam and got my medal award ! And I was proud of myself.                                                         Paige

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

1 more ay until sports

On wensday arthernoon i was getting readdy for thursday because sports was on .i couldent wait unitl i
would be in the park and doing my frist race i just could not wait for all of it to come i didn't go to gym
because i would of straened my enerig.i conle not of waited any more so i bloged allabot it.

by ciara


Today we planted Alfalfa. My group was lorie ciara georgia and zara. Alfalfa looks like little yellow seeds. We put  the yellow seeds in to a jar. then we watered them . we put them in a dark warm place  in a drawer. they stayed for a night in the drawer. The next day we watered them a again.

By Jessica

At the fair

At the fair i  went and got my nails done. Then iwent in the catapiller. I made a rock it was awsome. I was going to get a balloon from pipity pop but i didn't though. At the end Tyrin came to find me  with Gage and Gage got his nails done blue.

By Chelsea

At the fair.

On sunday it was the school fair.It was really fun.My uncle was cooking the sausages and burgers.They were really yummy i went on the choclate wheel but i didn't win anything. Then i went and got my nails and facepaint done.Then i went  on the bungy run five times and i won 12 choclates and a drink i shared my tickets with janaya and paige.We all went on the bungy run together. Then i went on money golf

will right again later

The Awesome Fair

I spent the most money on tickets. I went on a Harley-Davidson. The air pushed you on the sissybar. I got a rassberry spider, it was cold and tasty. I went on the bungyrun and I won the drink, it was lime. I did the tombola but didn't win anything. I hung out with my friends. I got a pottle of hot chips. I watched some of the horse rides and didn't go on one. My mum made gingerbreab people, coulor and flavoured popcorn, cupcakes and two cakes in one night. The funest ride was the harleys.

By Callum

Monday, November 1, 2010


On sunday it was st mary's school fair. In room 4 there was baking. It was nice and I got some candy floss. I came here with Javaan Ryan my friend from my street. I had a go at money golf and I an inch from wining 5 dollars. I was a minutes. There are a lot of other things to like the chocolates wheel. Will won a box of chocolates and bailey won a big 2010 christmas bear. It was

we will do more latter

The fair Jemma

At the school fair it was fun.First I went room 4 baking and I got muffins some short bread and some cookies.
I got my mum a cupcake
Will write more later

The fair lorie

In the weekend I went to the school fair. First me and my Mum had to get zar on the float then we were off to the fair.When got there we had to get zar off the float and put the bare back saddle on. Then we
Will write more later

The Fair

On sunday it was our school fair.The first thing I did was moneygolf and I won five dollars. I looked at the room4 baking but did'nt buy anything. I saw my Mum and Dad. Mum showed me a 2010 christmas  teddy bear that she that she won from the choclate wheel. Jake and I went to the tombola and Jake brought two tickets but did'nt win. I went to get six tickets to play moneygolf again. when I went there was a huge line. I got 24 balls to hit. I won 40 DOLLARS. In total I got 45 dollars.


the wonderful fair

On Sunday the fair was started at half eleven to  two o' clock. i had a great time at the fair.i got cadyfloss and  i made  a rock for 2 tickets. I went on the running elatic thing  and i won  free drink. my dad wanted me to have a go on the pony but i said may be later if we have time.i got my face painted
and my nail black and red.therewere two bouncy castlesthere.i didn 't get a chane to go on baby cousin carrig was about to go on with out a cousin callumgot burger  and sausagesfor all of usisaw the woman making the pink cadyfloss.

by ciara

The fair

On Sunday it was the school fair. When I was there I first went to the bungy run to get a drink of fizzy. It cost one ticket. i first got a ice-cream soda then I got a cola.Next I went to the monster toss. You have to throw a hurdle on to a stick hanging on a monster. I got two hurdles on the monster and got a packet of wonka Nerdos.Then I met up with Billy and sawtha t he had a fishing rod from the White Elephant. I bought it of him for five dollars. Then we went to the tombola and bought four tickets but they didn't get any prizes. then we walked all the way to the Harly Davidsons but we didn't have a go. We went all the way on the bungy run. I gota Freddo frog.
By Sam

The Fair The Wonderful Fair

Yesterday we had the school fair!   It was lovely and sunnyand there were s lot of people.  When I first got there I bumped into Lorie and off we zoomed looking for some where to start off at!  The first thing we did is we got our tickets.  Then off we trotted to the face painting. Lorie and I got a BAT at the face painting.  Then we queued up to get our nails done! We also found Georgia there.  We all got our nails painted sparkly.  Then we went around to the Hot Chips.  There ws a huge line and we finally got to the front of the line. YUM!!! Those chips are SCRUMDIDLEDOM!!! But deary me, they were so hot!  We gobbled those up! Then Lorie and I went to the white elephant and got pink and blue bracelets. Then I got a hot dog.  When we got our hot dogs we went to sit under a tree.  Then we went to get a spider just before my dad came to pick me up and we walked home.



By Zara  Room 4

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dance Exam

Today I have a Dance Exam I am going to dance in front of a judge. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scared.  How would you feel dancing in front of a judge?                                                                        Paige

The Dog Handler and Switch

Today we had a Dog Handler to come and visit Room 4.
The woman taught us what to do when we come to a Dog that we don't know.
She told us that when a dog comes near stand still and the dog might walk away she also told us that when we meet a dog we don't know let the dog sniff us and give the dog a pat.
We all loved having her come, we all had a great time.
Thank you for coming. Bridget

Fair fair fair

Lots of fun the fair was lots and lots of fun. Things I did got my nails painent, treaesure island, bungy run, pony rids and more!!!

by Georgia

Today 1-11-10

Today at 2.o.clock Room 4 did some planting and they plant Alfalfas.By Kaelen.

Dog safety

On Monday swich the dog came to our class.  His owner taught us about dog safety.  Never stare into a dogs eyes.  Let the dog small you before you tuch it  

All Blacks vs Wallabies

Last night I went to bed at 7:30. Sinead then came and woke me up at 9:40 [when she was going to bed] so I could watch the rugby. Mum said I was like Lord Muck because  I lay on the couch with an iced bun, strawberries and a pineapple pear drink. It was great until 79 minutes and 28 seconds into the match when Stephen Donald LOST US THE GAME!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness I had the fair to look forward to but that's another story.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

At the school fair

At the school fair. I found Janaya and Brya. And i went and got my nails done and i made a pet rock. Janaya got me a drink so i gave her a ticket. I went on the deflateable catapiller.

By Chelsea.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Today I played T-ball. I had to fill in for the Giants. It was awesome to play with my old team again. We won both games. It was freezing in Bath-gate park.  

The Fair

Yay the fair is going to be fantastic!
Games things to do


See you all there.


Hey 30-10-10

Hi everyone
I wonder what i should put on my blog since the China trip is over!
There is photos of course but that would be a piece of Cake



Very exciting to see updates on the blog.  I wonder if we should turn it into a competition? If we did - the girls would be winning with 4 entries!  So far only one entry from the boys!  I wonder what else will appear on the blog over the weekend.  Please don't forget you can comment on each other's entries!

The fair

On Saturday morring i told my mam i can 't wait until the fair i was really excited.
 My mam is making a cake i don't know wha it is but i am really excited.All of the
cake are going in are class roomso we have to clean it all up it was like we wrent
coming back at all.
1 more sleep to go.

by ciara

fole apered

On the 25/10/10 my mums horse had a fole. Its name is merric.


fole apered

On the 25/10/10 my mums horse called merric. I was so happy when i first saw it

fiarytale come darncing

We did very well especily Zack he just came back from australia and he new all of it well done Zack.
We all well.
from lorie

Thursday, October 28, 2010


On Friday we planted more vegetables.  We planted, radish, peas, corn, runner beans, cress.  Last weeked me and my Mum planted the vege garden at home.  Thomas

Weekend homework!

This weekend Mrs K has challenged us all to add an entry to our class blog.  I wonder what we will read about?  It might be: planting vegetables, the fair, holiday places, halloween, thirty four more days till the end of the school year, the weather, sport, practising for athletics......
I sure can't wait to see all your entries....
Mrs K

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hello Everybody!

Hello everybody

How are you?

So good to be back and see friends and family.

A lot happened over there!

Seing the Great Wall , the Forbidden City ,

We went to a shop called ZARA over there it was awesome but none of the kids stuff either did not fit me or was just totally like so silly!

I am back from CHINA!

By Zara 27-10-10

Thursday, September 23, 2010

School has ended 2 weeks!!!!

 school has ended after a great term with mrs Kenally

by Jake

Big winds

there were some big!!!!!!!!!!!!!! winds and snow even the invercargill stadium collapsed

by Jake

Sunday, September 19, 2010

room4 assembly.

It was the day room4s assembly. We had buttflys we bust out of the cotins with a poster of our selfs i was little red riding hood to song we did lots of songs i did birthdays.

by chelsea.

Room 4's amazing Assembly

Last Friday was Room 4's Assembly it was a fairytale assembly. We started off by bursting out of the curtains with our poster we made. It was amzing for all the parents. Janaya said a prayer then we sang The Unicorn. We looked like an awesome choir. We then read some fables. Some people were scared of reading their fable in front of the parents. Goldilocks and the three bears came out in front and we sang the song. After that we showed our maori artwork Jessica read off a piece of paper and we showed our artwork. Then four people from our class read a poem called The Three little Pigs. We then sang our last song called Gingerberad man. Then Jemma said Thank you for comming. 

By Bridget

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ms K is back

We had MsD for a whole week because room 7 went on camp . I olny saw Ms K  once or twice.
I missed Ms k so much . Butat last it was monday everyone saw her.

by ciara

Saturday, September 4, 2010

wacky,windy weather

On Sunday we had windy weather in mosgiel. It blew my trampoline over and was lifting our porch roof off it's nails. It's hard hard to walk outside because it's so strong. The power lines are shaking out the front.

By Callum

Friday, September 3, 2010


This morning we had an earthquake in mosgiel at 4.30. my bed was shaking and then the house stared  shaking. there was a 7.4 earthquake in  canterbury. Christchurch had a earthquake and the power went out and there was lots of damage.

By Callum

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

cross country

At the cross country I came 9th and last year I came 10th.Bridget came 2rd I past Jemma-rose.It was very fun. I want to do it next year.

Hi Room 4!

Hi Room4 i am not going to be here at school today because i have got a bad cold.
I was not felling very good yesterday ant today i am not fellind 100% so i will not be there today!

By Zara

I'll miss you all...

Ball skills with the Sports Leadership boys from Taieri College.

cross country

On the 1 of september we went to taeiri beach to do cross contry.First year 3 hopped on the bus.
When the year 3 's went year 4 then hopped on the bus.It was long we pasted brithin  beach.

by ciara

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Birthday Is The First Day of Spring!

Today is my birthday!
We got up at 6:30 to open my presents!
I got three Nintendo DS Games
Planet Rescue Endangered Island
Restraunt Tycoon
Imagine Journalist
A new dress ,bag,purse with $50, voucher for paper plus with $50 and one with $20.
A new book,CD and smiggle pack.


( P.S Have Turned 9)

By Zara

tairei collage new skills

first we had to choose a sport out of  touch rugby or volley ball or basketball I did touch rugby

by Jake

Taieri Boys

Today 5 boys from Taieri college came to room 4 to teach us Basketball,Volleyball and Touch Rugby. I did Basketball we played lots of fun games like shooting. 
By Josh and Ciara

Monday, August 30, 2010

spring is here

wow spring is here already can't wait to see all of the lambs and calves and daffodils

by Jake

Spring is round the corrner

Now when i say round the corrner it means in this case ,tommorow
It is so excitting because it the first day of spring my birthday and Cross country(hopefuly)
Tody was defintily better than yesterday ish. I mean it was horrible as yesterday untill school was over.
By Zara
Last of August 2010 31st Tuesday

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wet Grey Day!

Today was a dark day!
Slippery, wet, rainy, cold and disgusting weather
Rain pours down
Spitting down on us!

Rain poem

Really wet
Absolutely dreary day
Indoors is the place to be
Never go out in a storm

By Zara

School poem

school is lots of fun and it is
cool. Lots of
our school is learning about fairy tales.
on a Friday we have funky Friday. Funky Friday is  
lots of fun.
By Georgia

Today was cupcake day at school...


Today we had cupcake day for the S.P.C.A.

Some of the parents bought the cupcakes into the office and the classes.

It was $1 dollar to get a cupcake.

We had to bring $1 dollar into our class rooms and then we had to give the money to our teachers.

Some kids forgot to bring $1 dollar in their class room.

Some kids went to the office to borrow $1.

When we got the cupcakes they were many different designs. There was a Panda, Pig, Mouse and a Dog. There was one with swirls, hundred thousands and licorice allsorts.

They were delicious!

By Janaya ,Jessica and Zara

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cross Country!

Today we had the Cross Country.

It was so fun!

In room4 we had a mixture of 1sts 2nds 3rds 4ths and 5ths!

We had a great time

We all ran like the wind trying to WIN!
When we were finished we all needed a big DRINK!

And once again we had a great time!!!

By Zara

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A lovely day today! (again)

And it is a lovely day here on the Taieri!

17 according to the Sunflower Clock beside the Post Office
But the Wind just spoils it!

By Zara

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Lovely Day On The Taieri

And its another Lovely day on the Taieri Laddies and Gentlemen

Clouds as light as could be

Not one single raindrop you could see
The sky as blue as ever
Hope that it stays like this Forever!

By Zara


Sunday, August 22, 2010


These are pictures of...

Can you guess whitch season it is?
By Zara

Fom Winter to Spring!

Yay Spring is coming.
The Season is changing.

By Zara.          


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Todays Highlights

Exciting News
Mrs Dykes
Maths Outside
Movie Tortise VS Hare
Reading/Go Zone

By Zara

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Todays Highlights

Exciting News
Toady we had 2 teachers Mrs K & Mrs Dykes
With Mrs K

With Mrs Dykes
Creation stories
Creation story play's


By Zara

Monday, August 16, 2010

Todays Highlights

Exciting News
Today we had Mrs Dykes
Played a game called don't let the ball drop
Fable writing
OK lets get settled
This was more than yesterday
Thats cool

By Zara

Todays Highlights

Exciting News
Today we went to the library
We set our goals up

i know what your thinking 
this was not much exciting cool news
But that's just how it is...

Only for today?!

By Zara

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Weekend

Hi this is Zara writing to you on the blog

Don't you not like the weekend?

Reasons why you like the weekend
*Sportz are on
*Hanging out with friends

Reasons why you do not like the weekend
*If it is raining no sport
*Miss your friends

By Zara

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Todays Highlights At School

Exciting News
Today we had Mrs Dykes
we played a game called knockout
We did Fun Friday
Weaving was fun
By Zara

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Todays Highlights At School

Exciting News Updates
Today we had Mrs Dykes
We played knockout at the end of the day
We did sports (P.E fitness)
By Zara

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Todays highlight for me

My thought of today

Today with Constable John all the classes room 4 and above went bike riding on the school ground.

Constable John set up a cool road for us with traffic lights and give way signs.
We had to indicate with our arms before turning a corner.
It was hard.

By Zara

Todays Highlights At school

Exciting News Updates
Today with Constable John all the classes room 4 and above went bike riding on the school ground

By Zara


What fun it was to make stuff like birds, pig, cats and stars with the Japanese students.
By Alex

Monday, August 9, 2010

Todays highlights at school

Exciting News Updates
Date-10-8-10  10th of August 2010
Today 8 Japanese exchange students came to our class for the morning, we did origami and writing our names in Japanese with them.
We did 2 jump-Jam songs to show the exchange students.
We also showed them how to do it and they joined in.
It was so cool!!!

By Zara

Having a new blog!

Now that we have our own blog we can write on the blog when we want.
It is alot of fun and exciting because we have never done it before.

By Bridget

New Blog Exciting!

It is so exciting having a new blog where we get to put our own words onto the blog.
I thought that it would be cool if our class put lots of cool words and pictures and try to fill it up as much as the other blog that we have.

By Zara

Japanese Exchange students

Today we had 8 Japanese exchange students come to our class.  Read our blog to find out about all the fun things we did. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Welcome to our very own thinking blog!

Today is a very exciting day!  This is our own blog for us all to us to enter our thinking.  It will appear as a link in our class blog.  We will now be able to be responsible for sharing our thoughts and photos and learning journey.  We would love feedback please.